Kur Rocky donte Joe Fraizer te Rocky III, dhe 6 të qepurat që pësoi pas ndeshjes miqësore

Sylvester Stallone është përfshirë në shumë beteja të përgjakshme gjatë karrierës së tij në filma, por asnjëra nuk krahasohet me ditën që u takua me “Smokin’” Joe Fraizier. Një ditë pasi Stallone postoi një foto të vjetër të Hulk Hogan duke rikujtuar se mundësi dërgoi tre kaskadorë në spital gjatë xhirimeve të Rocky III, ylli i Expendables i tregoi tifozëve një tjetër histori, pikërisht atë kur u takua me Fraizier me shpresën që t’i jepte rolin e Clubber Lang.

Since people like the story about Hulk Hogan , maybe you will like this one which leads to the discovery of Mr. T who went on to give an incredible performance as CLUBBER LANG! In Rocky three I thought we should use a REAL fighter , just to push the envelope to where fighting films had never gone before. so I decided to use the legendary heavyweight champion from Philadelphia, Smokin’ Joe Frazier to play the brutal CLUBBER LANG So he cheerfully came to the gym , Very excited, very happy, very brightly dressed all in green. Green pants , green shoes, green hat, green shirt, green suspenders! He wanted the part very badly , and believe me I wanted him to get it too ..Smokin’ Joe Frazier fighting Rocky !? This would be seriously entertaining, actually unbelievable !!!!! SoI naïvely said why don’t we get into the ring and move around a little and see how we look together. I didn’t realize it at the time, but This was like going into a lions cage covered in steak sauce and asking ” how do you think I will taste ?” This was a very Dumb idea… Very bad. Joe was one of the most punishing fighters that ever lived and other boxers would honestly say that after they fought Smokin’ Joe, they were never , ever the same.… Of course I thought that was a slight exaggeration, and I wanted our movie to be special, very realistic no matter what the price… Again in retrospect, A very foolhardy, hazardous , and homicidal concept. Once in the ring, I figured I just move around and avoid his punches , and that idea work well for about two seconds .. Simply because the Next thing I knew there was a Thunderous left hook planted extremely deep in my body, And an overhand right that resembled a falling piano landing just above my left eye .. The world was now spinning in several directions at the same time… Anyway I felt bad for Joe and did not want him to hurt his hands anymore and decided to call it a day. In retrospect,It was a wonderful afternoon meeting The legendary Joe Frazier and getting six stitches but it was also A brilliant realization that I needed someone like Mr. T in my life, more about that later!

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Aktori legjendar i Rocky postoi një foto në Instagram bashkë me kampionin e peshave të rënda, uke treguar edhe një plagë të madhe të cilën ja kishte shkaktuar Fraizier kur të dy kryen një ndeshje stërvitore në ring – një plagë që la Stallone të gjakosur dhe me gjashtë të qepura. Siç dihet nga të gjithë tashmë, Mr. T ishte ai që luajti rolin e Clubber Lang, por në fillim Stallone donte të përfshinte një boksier të vërtetë.

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